Driving Instructions

Driving towards the M4 heading away from Swansea Centre

With Swansea City Centre behind you, drive along Fabian Way towards the M4.  As you drive along Fabian Way you will pass on your left hand side, Celtic Mowers and a car dealership called Corner Park Garage.

There is a set of traffic lights almost immediately after the car dealership.  At these lights, drive straight ahead.

Keep driving for about 200 metres and you will be able to see a sign on top of a building on your left hand side, which reads “Bay Studios”.

There is also a small filter lane leading into the site.  Follow the filter lane and turn left into the site.

At the barriers, drive straight on for about 800 metres and you will pass through some fenced gates.

There, turn left and follow the buildings, which will now be on your right hand side, past the electricity sub-staion, until you reach the last building on your right hand side.

Reception is around the back of that building.


New Turning Restrictions Put In Place!

Please be aware that there are now new turning restrictions in place at Elba Crescent, off Fabian Way.  This means that it is now no longer possible to turn your vehicle in Elba Crescent if you are arriving from the M4 Motorway.

We have produced a PDF map showing the best route to take.

Please take a copy of the map Click Here